Crisis Line: 800-576-7764 TTY: 711 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

An easy to remember phone number for people to call for health & human service information & referrals & other assistance to meet their needs. Dial 211 on your phone.


Optum Pierce Behavioral Health Organization, or Optum Pierce BHO, operates the Behavioral Health provider network for Pierce County. Prior to this, Optum Pierce Regional Support Network (RSN) operated the Mental Health provider network for Pierce County for six years, since 2009.

Simply put, our network has expanded and we have a new name. But we are the same great company that brought peer support programs for mental health to life in Pierce County.

We are the same company that listens to our providers and focuses on what our community needs, creating programs such as Peers in the Emergency Department for crisis intervention; Peer Bridgers - helping individuals transition back into the community after treatment; and Jail Transition Services / Community Re-Entry Program - helping individuals transition back into the community after release from jail. These are just a few examples of the ways Optum Pierce BHO is making a difference in Pierce County.

Now, we are excited to bring our creative ideas and solutions to substance use services and expand our undertanding of the importance of recovery, the strength of connection, and the power of resiliency - the next steps in our journey as a BHO.